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Does Eye Serum Help Dark Circles?

Does Eye Serum Help Dark Circles?

Although dark circles under the eyes may be an extremely common skin concern, many people struggle with eradicating them. There may be numerous creams and treatments out there aimed at lightening the appearance of dark circles, but most of them fail to meet the mark.

Could an eye serum help? Possibly, but it all depends on the ingredients within that serum. Certain ingredients have been proven to make a big difference when it comes to evening out the look of the eye area, meaning that these are the ingredients that you need to look for if you want your eye serum to be effective.

This may sound a bit confusing, but that’s where Venofye is here to help. Read on as we share everything you need to know when picking an eye serum to help with dark circles.

What Causes Dark Circles in the First Place?

girl looking at eyes

Some people find that their dark circles disappear after just a few hours, while others have been plagued with them for years. Why the difference? It all comes down to what causes those dark circles, as there are quite a few factors that contribute to this.

The most common is genetics. Some people naturally have thinner skin combined with darker blood vessels. This results in those blood vessels showing up as dark shadows under the skin around the eyes. Genetics can also cause an increase in pigmentation in the skin around the eyes. Again, this leads to the appearance of dark circles.

However, even if you have perfect genes, you could still develop dark circles due to a number of other triggers, including:

  • Sun damage
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Dehydration
  • Inflammation
  • Allergies
  • Sinus congestion
  • Volume loss

The skin around the eyes is already significantly thinner than the skin anywhere else on the face. Therefore, it doesn’t take much for problems to arise in the eye area. Most of the contributing factors are such a common part of daily life for many.

How Can an Eye Serum Help With Dark Circles?

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So, can an eye serum help to reduce the appearance of dark circles?

As mentioned earlier, this all depends on the ingredients in the serum that you use. You need one that has been designed to target the root cause of your dark circles. For example, if yours have been caused by aging-related volume loss, then an eye serum that soothes the feeling of inflammation isn’t going to have much of an effect. On the other hand, if your dark circles have been caused by inflammation, then that’s a formula that you need.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the ingredients that you need to be using if you’re hoping to achieve a bright and balanced complexion around your eyes:


venofye eye serum

If your dark circles have gotten worse with age, then it’s likely that they’ve appeared due to how the skin loses volume over time. This occurs all over the face but the skin around the eyes is particularly prone to this. As the skin continues to thin out and turn hollow, the blood vessels under the eyes become much more prominent in the form of dark circles.

Peptides are a great ingredient for dealing with the appearance of aging-related dark circles. They make the skin feel stronger and thicker, which then makes dark circles less visible.

That said, for maximum benefits, look for an eye serum that combines multiple peptides, such as Venofye’s Royal Jelly Bee Luminescent Eye Serum. Each peptide works in its own unique way, so having more than one peptide in your eye serum formula will encourage faster results.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an ingredient that can help with all types of dark circles, making it a must-have in your chosen eye serum. This powerful antioxidant not only helps to thicken the complexion, which reduces the visibility of those pesky blood vessels under your eyes, but it’s also a superstar at lightening and brightening the look of discoloration. If your dark circles are due to excess pigmentation in the skin under your eyes, then vitamin C is what you need.

There are different forms of vitamin C available in eye serums. In Venofye’s eye serum, you’ll find ascorbic acid. It’s the purest and most potent form of the vitamin, with research confirming its efficacy when it comes to making dark circles less visible.

Sodium Hyaluronate & Glycerin

One way to tackle the appearance of dark circles is by plumping up the look of the skin underneath the eyes. By giving the complexion some extra volume and structure, dark circles can become far less noticeable.

If you want your eye serum to do this, then you need to look for a product that has been formulated with humectants. These are ingredients with moisture-binding properties. They hydrate and plump up the look of the skin cells, giving the skin a fuller, brighter, and more balanced finish.

Two of the most effective humectants used in skincare are sodium hyaluronate and glycerin, both of which can be found in Venofye’s eye serum. Each of these ingredients works wonderfully on its own, but their effects are greatly enhanced when they’re combined.

Green Tea Extract

green tea extract

One age-old remedy for dark circles is placing tea bags over the eyes for a few minutes. The antioxidants and caffeine in the tea bags not only decrease the visibility of dark circles, but also reduce the look of puffiness and inflammation too.

All tea contains antioxidants, but green tea is known for boasting the highest concentration. Whether your dark circles are caused by excess pigmentation, inflammation, or anything else, a green tea-infused formula, such as the Venofye eye serum, will be able to help bring some balance back to your complexion. 

Licorice Root Extract

Many people with dark circles often end up turning to hydroquinone products, with this ingredient known for its complexion-lightening effects. However, hydroquinone is a pretty harsh compound that can cause undesirable side effects. This is why many dermatologists recommend licorice root extract instead, which can be found in the Venofye eye serum.

This botanical works in two ways. Firstly, it tackles the appearance of excess pigmentation. It lightens the visibility of hyperpigmentation to give the complexion a more even finish. Secondly, it also soothes the complexion. This is exactly what you need if your dark circles have been brought on by inflammation.

Calendula Extract

calendula extract

Calendula extract is famous for how it quickly calms the look and feel of inflamed or irritated skin. Therefore, if this is what has caused your dark circles, then this botanical is one that you definitely want on your side.

Even better, calendula extract is loaded with antioxidants. This can help to reduce the appearance of skin damage, which is ideal for dark circles caused by sun exposure. Those same antioxidants can also leave skin cells feeling stimulated and younger, which gives them a brighter and fresher appearance.

Bee Venom

Bee venom may seem like a pretty unusual ingredient to look for in an eye serum. However, trust us when we say that it can work wonders on the complexion!

In fact, we believe in the power of bee venom so much that it’s our signature ingredient here at Venofye. You’ll find it in all of our products, including our eye serum. Not only will it help to reduce the visibility of dark circles, but it’ll also work to minimize the look of fine lines, wrinkles, and puffiness. 

What About Eye Creams?

venofye eye firming cream

You now know exactly what to look for when shopping for an eye serum for your dark circles. However, what about eye creams? Can they help with dark circles too, or is an eye serum the better option?

Well, the biggest difference between the two lies in texture and consistency. Creams are much thicker than serums. This means that they don’t penetrate the skin in the same way. Creams work on the surface layer of the skin, while serums dive in a little deeper.

Therefore, adding both to your skincare routine would be beneficial. This way, you’re tackling the appearance of your dark circles from multiple levels, which means faster results.

However, the same rules apply when searching for an eye cream – you need to ensure that it contains the right ingredients.

One good example would be the Venofye Royal Jelly Bee Eye Firming Cream. It shares a few similarities with our eye serum. Both formulas contain bee venom, green tea extract, and glycerin. 

However, our eye cream is also infused with vitamins A and E. Vitamin A helps to brighten the look of dark circles caused by excess pigmentation, while vitamin E gives the skin barrier a stronger and thicker feel. This helps with the visibility of dark circles caused by aging.

Also in our eye cream is caffeine, another ingredient that’s popular in eye care formulas. Caffeine works by invigorating and perking up the complexion. It gives the skin a firmer, tighter, and brighter look, which makes dark circles look less obvious.

Apply our eye serum first and then follow this up with our eye cream and the appearance of your dark circles should start to fade in no time!

Other Ways to Lighten the Appearance of Dark Circles

woman holding cream smiling

A good eye serum on its own will go a long way in lightening the look of your dark circles. However, there are a few other things that you should be doing too if you want those dark circles gone as quickly as possible.

For starters, sun protection is vital. The sun’s UV rays lead to skin discoloration. This will darken any existing circles and make them so much harder to treat. SPF 30 is usually recommended for the face. However, you may want to go for something slightly higher since the skin around the eyes is extra delicate. Sunglasses are a must too. They provide a physical barrier between your eyes and the sun’s UV rays.

It’s also important to ensure that you’re getting enough sleep. Sleep deprivation is a big dark circle trigger. If you’ve been skimping out on your beauty sleep, then now’s the time to make a change so that you start getting your 8 hours each night.

Of course, if your dark circles have been caused by sinus or allergy problems, then you’ll need to tackle these issues separately. An eye serum can help to lighten the look of your dark circles for a while. However, unless you get your sinus/allergy problems under control, you’ll never be able to fade those dark circles for good. While you’re at it, avoid rubbing your eyes too, as this will only further exacerbate your dark circles.

Is it Worth Buying an Eye Serum to Help With Dark Circles?

When it comes down to it, an eye serum can be an incredibly useful tool in treating the visibility of dark circles, so long as you’re using the right serum. Go with Venofye’s formula, which is packed with proven complexion-brightening ingredients, and it won’t be long before the skin around your eyes looks bright, even, and dark circle-free!

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