5 Breakthrough Ingredients from the Venofye ViperLift Collection

5 Breakthrough Ingredients from the Venofye ViperLift Collection

Created in 2015, Venofye has utilized different premiere ingredients to formulate incredibly effective products that deliver real results.

The Venofye ViperLift collection, for example, contains a peptide that mimics Snake Venom to help greatly improve the appearance and feel of your skin! 

Don’t worry! All of our ingredients are safe to use on the skin. Through careful research and trial and error, Venofye has developed several amazing skincare ingredients that are guaranteed to provide superior results.

Let’s take a look at some of Venofye’s featured ingredients in the ViperLift Collection.

Introducing the ViperLift Collection


Venofye ViperLift Bio Mask

The Venofye ViperLift Collection has incorporated five star ingredients that are proven to aid in the health of our skin. A few of them are skincare classics that you’ve probably seen written on the back of your favorite products. Others may be new to you and that’s ok! One of the best parts about beginning your skincare journey is the amount of knowledge you gain while finding what works.

“Snake” Venom


Ever heard of snake-like skin? No? Neither have we but that doesn’t mean we can’t use it in our skin care!

The anti-aging benefits of snake venom have actually been known for quite some time. Snake venom, or Diaminobutyrol Benzylamide Diacete is an incredibly potent peptide that in fact mimics a chemical found in the venom of Temple Viper snakes.

The result of Diaminobutyrol Benzylamide Diacete is inhibited muscle activity meaning less chance for fine lines and wrinkles. Expression lines are the direct result of repetitive muscle movements such as laughing, squinting and frowning.

Sounding familiar? Well if it is it’s because Botox is known for having that exact result! By stopping muscle activity the chance of fine lines and wrinkles forming is lessened considerably. Our Venofye ViperLift series incorporates this amazing ingredient with some already awesome anti-aging components to create some powerful anti-aging products.

Products that have also started to feature Snake Venom in their ingredient list have shown how continued use of these ingredients have produced dramatic results similar to that of Botox or Juvederm.

The best part about using snake venom? Get the same results without the invasiveness of needles and syringes! 

Bee Venom


Bee on clover flower

Thought we left the venom just to the snakes, huh? Nope! This ingredient is especially used in many of the Venofye skincare collections and is partly the reason that we are even around! The use of Bee Venom in our products has been proven to be beneficial in helping with anti-aging and maintaining skin health. As of today, we now have over FIVE collections with Bee Venom as the highlight ingredient!

Studies have been performed on individuals where improvements in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, skin elasticity, and texture of the skin have all been seen through the use of Bee Venom!

Bee Venom itself has several benefits to the skin, including stimulating collagen and elastin production, something we know can help with revealing a younger, more youthful complexion. The reason for this is actually quite interesting!

When Bee Venom is applied topically, the skin reacts as if it has been “stung”. This results in your body doing what it does best and helping your skin by increasing blood flow. This means oxygen and nutrients are sent to the face and the look of plumper, firmer skin is revealed.

Sodium Hyaluronate


One of the golden rules about anti-aging is to keep your skin moisturized and hydrated.

Dry skin can increase your likelihood of developing wrinkles prematurely making your double your effort in fighting them off! When your skin is dry, it’s shriveled, right?

Well, this shriveling is more than just a surface thing. Internally, your skin is shriveling up your healthy, plump skin cells, which then paves the way for premature aging. 

This is where Sodium Hyaluronate comes into play. You may be thinking of Hyaluronic Acid when you see the words Sodium Hyaluronate and you’re on the right track. Sodium Hyaluronate is simply a water-soluble salt that comes from Hyaluronic Acid.

The good news for us is we still get those same benefits like increased moisture and hydrated skin! This is one of our star ingredients in our Royal Jelly Eye BeeLift. Puffiness is decreased through moisture and hydration leaving your eyes looking more awake and youthful!        

Green Tea


Glass of green tea

We love a classic! Especially one as effective and great for your well-being as Green Tea. The benefits of Green Tea both internally and externally have been known for centuries. Scientific research has shown that individuals who drink around two cups of green tea a day have better health and it can even assist with weight management!

Venofye is sure to incorporate this amazing ingredient in several of our products. In addition to being great at combatting anti-aging, Green Tea is excellent in everyday skincare for many reasons. From improving brain function to reducing bad breath to helping prevent cardiovascular disease. 

For our skin, Green Tea has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties giving it major points in the skin protection game!

We use this ingredient in a host of our products to aid in overall skin health. While the effects of Green Tea may not be as immediately recognizable as other more powerful ingredients, it still contributes to creating and sustaining balanced skin.



One of the most celebrated anti-aging ingredients has to be Collagen! Collagen is the building block of your skin, bones, and muscles. This means that doing what we can to keep our levels of collagen up and adding to them through quality skin care products can do wonders for us.

Just like Green Tea, Collagen has several benefits for us on the inside and out! For skin, collagen increases the firmness and elasticity of the skin. For our bodies, it can help protect our hearts, prevent stretch marks and cellulite and it supports the detoxification process for our bodies!

As we get older, our skin will naturally lose collagen. This will result in premature aging where we encounter those annoying fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin.

Our Apitoxin Collagen Collection utilizes Collagen to create a line that delivers incredible results, leaving you with plumper and firmer skin.

There’s a reason this stuff is the focus ingredient in tons of skincare, haircare and even supplements all over the world! It is immensely effective! You’ll notice your entire body thank you when you make it a point to incorporate collagen in your lifestyle.

Now What?


So now that you’ve been informed of some the most effective and potent anti-aging ingredients, what are you going to do?

We’ll tell you what you’ll do! You’re going to look your anti-aging skincare routine in the eye and speak some sense into it!

This means knowledgeable product selecting and deliberate consistency in your regime to create and maintain steady results.

Let’s take a look a look at what some of those products might look like!

Venofye ViperLift Collection


Venofye ViperLift collection

Want to know where to look for that product selection that we mentioned earlier? Look no further than our ViperLift series!

As mentioned before, the Venofye ViperLift collection incorporates Diaminobutyrol Benzylamide Diacete, the peptide-inspired ingredient that mimics the venom of the Temple Viper snakes, to deliver some extreme anti-aging benefits to our skin.

You’ll notice a reduction in wrinkles after muscle activity has been impaired for a while. Come and see our featured products for this series!

ViperLift Bio Cream

The products under the Venofye ViperLift series are specially crafted to have some awesome anti-aging effects! This is especially true of our ViperLift Bio Cream.

Formulated with our “Snake” Venom and other ingredients such as Vitamin A, Vitamin B, and Aloe Vera, this cream will have your skin looking firmer and smoother in no time. Especially when used in conjunction with our other ViperLift products.

Aloe Vera contains antioxidant properties, helps aid the production and release of collagen in the skin, and can help in keeping the skin moisturized. 

Super concentrated, you won’t need a lot to achieve the results you’re looking for. Through consistent use, your skin will become more firm and youthful, turning back the hands of time to reveal healthy and strong skin!

ViperLift Bio Mask

Treat your skin while still keeping up your anti-aging efforts! The Venofye ViperLift collection also includes an incredibly advanced mask for aiding in reducing the effects of age on the skin.

Our ViperLift Bio Mask incorporates Snake Venom and heat sensation to smooth over fine lines and wrinkles.

When applied and massaged into the skin, our mask heats up gently to help soften and smooth wrinkles and expression lines. Heat increases blood circulation to the skin. This means that oxygen and nutrients are able to be delivered to a greater extent. As a result, this increases the absorption of ingredients in deep layers of the skin.

Your skin will look and feel incredibly revitalized following the mask!

ViperLift Bio Serum

Another one of the heavily concentrated products that we infuse with our Snake Venom peptide is our ViperLift Bio Serum. This serum is packed with incredible anti-aging ingredients. They have been formulated into a gel-like substance to be applied to the skin on a daily basis.

This serum is especially effective when used with your ViperLift Bio Mask!

Serums and masks are there to provide concentrated formulas of a mixture of different ingredients. When using this serum you want to focus on your areas of concern to greatly increase the efficacy of the serum.

We formulate our ViperLift Bio Serum with Sodium Hyaluronate and glycerin to keep your skin as moisturized and hydrated as possible. Remember, dry skin can lead to premature aging!

The Venofye ViperLift collection makes sure to balance superior anti-aging ingredients with gentle and nourishing ingredients for everyday skin health.

It’s That Simple!


Woman applying face cream

Knowing how to combat aging in the skin is not as hard as it looks! Yes, time stops for no one, and gravity will naturally do what it does best. But, you do have the power to make knowledgeable decisions when choosing certain products.

Don’t think you have to have hundreds of different cleansers, masks, creams, etc. to have a great skincare routine that is both effective and simple.

Take the Venofye ViperLift collection for example. Not an immense amount of products, but they each provide incredible results.

By knowing what is good for our skin and what has the power to truly transform it, we will be able to take our skin health into our own hands and give it what it needs to thrive!



There you have it! The complete guide to some great ingredients, a look at some of our most favorited products from our Venofye ViperLift series, and some skincare know-how to impress your friends with.

Aging is natural and completely harmless, especially when we do what we can to keep our skin and bodies looking and feeling great! Treat your skin right and your mirror will thank you! Be consistent in your skincare regimen and be mindful of how often you use certain products.

Also, be sure to keep your body in good, healthy condition by keeping up a healthy lifestyle. Our skin tells all so we don’t want to add even more to the natural aging process than what needs to be.

The Venofye ViperLift collection is one of the many collections from Venofye that uses scientifically proven ingredients to deliver dramatic results to your skin no matter what the type!

Your skin journey is unique to you so don’t feel like something is wrong when you notice a skin product not providing the exact results you want. Nothing is overnight and trial and error is the hallmark of finding those skin care products that are just perfect for you!

Be consistent and deliberate with your skin and the effects will be there. Allow Venofye to be your friendly guide on this journey and let’s get to healthy, youthful skin together!

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