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9 Ways to Wake Up the Look of Tired Eyes

9 Ways to Wake Up the Look of Tired Eyes

The endless hours you’ve been spending in front of your computer, doing your job, must have taken their toll. And, once at home, you just can’t seem to get enough rest, nor a good night’s sleep.

As a consequence, you wake up with puffy-looking eyes and the appearance of dark circles around them, a not-so-welcome reminder that you are exhausted.

But, fear not, there are a number of ways to deal with tired-looking eyes. So let’s see how Venofye can help you help yourself.

Find a Product You Can Trust

Let’s first start with a couple of amazing products we are sure will put your mind, and eyes, to rest.

Venofye – New Age Products For The New You

Venofye Royal Jelly Eye Beelift and other eye products

When it comes to Venofye, one thing separates the brand from all others – our ability to deal with all skin matters almost instantly.

And how it is done, you might ask?

Well, it all has to do with a special little something we put in the products, a little secret ingredient – Bee Venom. And don’t worry, no bees are harmed during the process, so it is perfectly safe.

Due to significant amounts of research, Venofye has come to the conclusion of exactly how much bee venom can be beneficial to the skin. It helps with all kinds of skin issues, giving you a nice, plump, and vibrant appearance.

The area around your eyes is the first to show the visible signs of aging, which, alongside the tiredness that it shows, doesn’t paint a pretty picture. That is why it needs to be treated with utmost care.

Venofye has a number of products that can help your eyes restore their former glow, but let’s start with the first, and the best, way to treat the area around your eyes – the Royal Jelly Eye Beelift.

Royal Jelly Eye Beelift


Royal Jelly Eye Beelift

The Royal Jelly Eye Beelift is a product that will help you solve your problem almost instantly. And it is really simple to use. Just use the applicator to put a small amount of the product under your eyes and tap gently. You will see the difference soon enough.

The Royal Jelly Eye Beelift is definitely a product you would want on your shelf for immediate use. Imagine having to go to an important meeting or a celebration, but your eyes look as though you haven’t slept for ages?

You wouldn’t want that, now would you?

So, just apply it, wait for the magic to happen, and you are good to go.

If you want to get rid of the tired look of your eyes completely, then be sure to combine Royal Jelly Eye Beelift with other products from the Royal Jelly Bee Eye Collection.

Beehive Skintight Syringe


Beehive Skintight Syringe from Venofye

Oh, this one’s definitely a keeper.

Not only does it deal with the look of puffiness around your eyes, but it also reduces the appearance of aging by targeting fine lines and wrinkles directly.

You just need to apply some of it around your eyes, specifically aiming for the visible wrinkles you want to address.

The Beehive Skintight Syringe, just like its good companion Royal Jelly Eye Beelift, is rich in many fantastic ingredients that your skin will adore. Apart from the Bee Venom, whose properties we have already praised, some others are worth noticing.

It is rich in Vitamin A and E, two of the most important Vitamins your skin could ask for. Vitamin E is an ingredient almost every skin product has.

That is why, apart from Royal Jelly Eye Beelift, the Beehive Skintight Syringe is the perfect choice for you. It also contains Hyaluronic Acid, which will leave your skin looking plump.

The Royal Jelly Bee Luminescent Eye Serum


Venofye products

This serum will serve as an amazing contribution to the already mentioned Royal Jelly Eye Beelift and Beehive Skintight Syringe.

Not only does it have the incredible Bee Venom, it is also rich in Palmitoyl Oligopeptide and Vitamin C.

Find a Collection You Can Trust


In addition to buying the Royal Jelly Eye Beelift, the Beehive Skintight Syringe, and the Royal Jelly Bee Luminescent Eye Serum separately, you always have the option of buying them all together as a part of a set.

Venofye has some amazing deals on sets where you can get all the products you need at a reasonable price.

The Royal Jelly Bee Eye Collection contains not only the Royal Jelly Eye Beelift and Beehive Skintight Syringe, but it also has the Royal Jelly Eye Firming Cream and the Royal Bee Rapid IV Plump Infusion.

It will add to the complete regeneration of the appearance of the around your eyes in the most unimaginable ways. This boost of necessary nutrients will reduce the visibility of the signs of tiredness and aging and give you the healthy and fresh look you have been searching for.

You’ve got to love modern science, right?

Of course, apart from these state-of-the-art skincare products, there are other ways you can solve your tired eyes problem.

Regular Hydration


Woman drinking water

Water is essential for every part of your body and every process happening inside. So, it is no wonder that, in order to get rid of dark circles, you need to boost your daily water intake first.

This is something no skincare product could replace, not even the extremely efficient Royal Jelly Eye Beelift, for example.

Dehydration can be the main cause of the dark circles under your eyes. Therefore, drinking enough water will be extremely helpful.

We know some of you find it really hard to remember to drink enough water on a daily basis. This could be easily solved by putting some daily reminders all around. You will soon see that this change will help not only your eyes but your entire body.

You will feel more energized and you might even start losing weight.

Use an Extra Pillow While Sleeping


You might not be familiar with this little fun fact, but trust us, it can help. When you elevate your head, it prevents the fluids from rushing towards your eyes, and settling under them, thus creating puffiness.

If you have problems with your neck so you cannot raise your head in that way, try elevating your entire body. This can be achieved by putting two or more pillows under your entire body, not just your head. Or you can put some bricks under your bed.

This is a small change for a big breakthrough, so it is worth trying.

Eat Food that is Rich in Iron


Bowl of beans

Iron deficiency is another possible cause of the appearance of dark circles under your eyes. Iron is responsible for the red blood cells, which are responsible for transferring oxygen to all the parts of your body.

Dark circles under the eyes are not the only symptoms of anemia. If you have it, you have also been experiencing fatigue, cold hands and feet, and fragile nails.

In order to solve this problem, you need to eat foods that are rich in iron, such as red meat, seafood, beans, green vegetables, raisins, apricots, and peas.

Anemia is not something to joke around with. If you suspect that you have it, do a blood test and get on a proper diet soon. Even though dark circles are, in this case, the least of your problems, by solving the problem with your blood, you will solve the tired look of your eyes, too.

No More Salty Food


Consuming too much salt could lead to many different health problems. If you have too much salt in your body, it could lead to the retention of fluids, among other things.

This means that some part of the excess fluids won’t find their way out and they will be restrained in some other parts of your body. It can lead to being puffy, not just around your eyes, but all over your body.

This is why it is important to cut down on salt as much as possible.

It is not good for the heart, either. It puts a strain on the heart in several ways.

So, if you are getting too much salt into your body, please be sure to change this habit fast. You are not aware of just how dangerous it might be.

Use Tea Bags


This one is old, but gold. You might think that this is something your grandmother would recommend in the days of yore.

We are sorry to disappoint you, but your grandmother was right. In fact, you should listen to her as often as possible. If you are blessed with an unlimited source of good advice, use it, don’t think about it for even a second.

It is best to use Green tea for this purpose. The caffeine that this tea contains has an incredible amount of antioxidants. 

A Cold Compress Always Does the Trick


If your dark circles are something temporary, something that is a consequence of some recent event or changes in your life, then this will do the trick. It will remove the puffiness quickly, so you can go wherever you want the following day.

The cold compress puts a restraint on the blood vessels. That way, you can get instant relief, not to mention a perfect look on your face.

Get Enough Sleep


Woman sleeping

We can’t believe we are putting this last, when, in fact, it should be the first on the list. Because it is really the most important.

As we have said, not having enough sleep puts a significant amount of strain on your entire body, not just the area around your eyes. Sleep helps the body to regenerate. If you don’t go to bed on time, and you have to get up early, be sure that your body will plot its revenge soon.

Be it dark circles under your eyes, lack of concentration the following day, or some more serious health issues, we are sure you wouldn’t want to risk it.

Give your body what it sometimes desperately needs – a good night’s sleep. 

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