Beehive Skintight Syringe

12g / 0.42 oz.
(46 customer reviews)

Instantly reduce the look of wrinkles and expression lines with this non-invasive, pain-free syringe. This potent formula features skincare’s best-researched ingredients, including Vitamins A and E, Cucumber Extract, and Hyaluronic Acid, to immediately fade away the visible symptoms of aging skin, leaving you with a bouncier and more lively complexion.


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46 reviews for Beehive Skintight Syringe

  1. Lisa Carpenter

    I met Daniela in a shop in Saint Maarten and after she put the Venofye eye syringe on my eyes, I instantly saw the results. My puffy under eye bags disappeared. Wow! My new husband bought the 3 product collection for an early birthday gift on our honeymoon.

  2. Felicia E Brand


  3. Stacey

    I got stopped at a mall today and the salesmen offered to let me try it. He put a small amount under my eyes and I was hesitant knowing these types of products only last a few minutes. We walked around and did some shopping and when I looked in there mirror again the results were incredible! I’ve never seen results like this from an eye cream. I bought a syringe and after I came home, tried it on my husband who has always had issues with bags under his eyes and he loves the results as well. It’s been several hours since we put the product on and the results are still visible. It is pricey but it works!

  4. Linda haris

    Met gon in Los cabo he showed me the non surgical eye treatment and I fell in love now I’m saving the money I used spending on Botox !!!!

  5. Linda ruso

    I purchased from Melanie at stone briar mall In Dallas. I immediately fall in love with the product! Melanie was very kind and helpful.
    5 month after and the results are amazing, one of the best things I ever did for myself!

  6. Sue elen smith

    I bought the product in Canada from Miguel one year ago and the result stayed permanent !!! I love it and highly recommend it.
    Thx Miguel for tishtushing me

  7. Coletta

    Bio Syringe funciona de maravilla, ya no tengo bolsas debajo de los ojos, mi ojo ha rejuvenecido, es muy fácil de aplicar, una vez a la semana, gracias Matan de Zurich, en Munstergasse 8, un abrazo

  8. Allegra Wilson

    The Queen Bee Day Moisturizer is excellent. My skin feels so soft and smooth.

  9. Jeanette Massud

    I purchased at West County Mall in Des Peres, MO. The product is good. I have used Adore and 24 Kt. Somewhat comparable. My buying experience was terrible. They sold me an empty bottle and evidently it was a sample or something. They easily agreed to replace; however, initial purchase was complete deceit

  10. eileen salazar

    Great amazing. Can wait to show my friend and family these products. Tha I you Sebastia Migel . David and Yuval for stopping me at the. Cancun airport. Amazing products.

  11. Laurin smith

    Some guy stop me in los cabos he put me the cream on my eyes it was amazing result in few minutes, I bought 2 syringes and I quit Botox, thank you Magic Mike you Change my life !!!

  12. Marianthi

    Was shown this product in Zurich and was amazed by the results in just a few seconds of application around the eye area. Definitely a product I would consider buying in the future.

  13. Marnie sisco

    Amazing. Lifted my eye area instantly. Thanks Channel in Carmel, CA. See you again soon.

  14. Cristina

    Amazing products,I felt in love 😍😍,I was scheptical about the product,but after seeing the result,and my husband compliment,wooow,thank you so much

  15. Antonella


  16. Greg

    Great Product. Instantly my skin looks firmer and smoother.

  17. Marie-andree Martin

    Truly magical!

  18. Don david

    One of the best thing that I did in my life

  19. Jessica

    So far so good. Instant results!

  20. Almudena

    Genial. En un minuto mi contorno de ojos era otro. Me preocupa que al final se queda como una costrita dura que se visualiza pero tengo que ver la manera en cómo disimularlo. Si esto finalmente con el tiempo es real que te va quitando arrugas… Tendran una clienta para toda la vida.

  21. Jenny Westover

    We went on a cruise just before Christmas and in Costa Maya, Mexico a nice guy pulled me aside and treated me to a facelift. He was a great salesman which made me afraid of the whole thing being a scam because “it’s too good to be true” and then the cost! My husband let the guy put it on his face and he was sold! I absolutely love it!

  22. Summer

    Love it wish it was more affordable but it does last along time.

  23. Jo Williams

    Love the product except for the price
    Apply once a week
    Hopefully will last a while

  24. Teresa

    I was offered a demonstration so I decided to try, when I was told the initial price I walked away. Before I was done shopping I went back and bought some. This is amazing I have sank so much money into eye creams and never got real results well I’m here to tell you this stuff is real. Thank you

  25. Paula

    Was in Maui on cruise, walking down street in Lahaina with my friend, and we were invited in to see some astonishing results. We were very skeptical, but after one application around the eyes, the dark lines and puffiness was GONE!! We were put off by the high price ($1,000) but did get several tubes that my friend and I split the cost on. I wish I had found this years ago….the dark circles under my eyes bothered me the most — now they are gone with a small application. We were given a full facial treatment, but could not justify the $10k cost. The Venofye is wonderful….

  26. Gina Pishler

    Shai was amazing at showing me how wonderful this product is!! Just turning 50 I have been looking for something to keep my eyes looking by young. I have found it in this product. Thanks Shai!

  27. Susan McKee

    This product is awesome, I’m 65 yrs old. I got to where I didn’t want to go out anywhere, My eyes were always puffy underneath bags. I found this by mistake but it has works wonders for me. the improvements I now can enjoy going out again. Thank You Yan

  28. Lucas

    I buy the product month ago ,I’m really appreciate the results and company!!!!

  29. Jon

    I started with the treatment a 3 years ago.
    I didn’t heard about this brand before but it’s work better and better every using!

  30. Julie Duncan

    This product is exceptional at eliminating lines and giving your skin a youthful glow. Tal Pinto of Venofye in Victoria, BC is a true master in his field. Excellent results!! Mucho aprecio!!

  31. Jacqueline Nicholson

    Phenomenal results in minimal time. Costa Mayan, Mexico for great pricing.

  32. sandy

    It really is amazing and instant. My partner and I both were skeptical but then very much surprised at the results and how simple the application is. We were hesitant with the high price but taking into account how long a tube will last we purchased on the spot and are happy we did.

  33. Suzanne

    I love the instant effect of this product but there is always a noticeable crusty residue left on your face that can’t be covered with make up. 😢

  34. Libya

    I quit botox and now I only use this

  35. Heriberto

    Lo compre en Playa del Carmen Mexico y esta excelente, si funciona, recomendado!

  36. BMF

    Absolutely amazing!! Also purchased in Mexico with a great deal. It works within 10-15 minutes. Super expensive in the US.

  37. Gina Sitsler

    I was in cozemel 1 week ago today,the guy put the syringe around my left eye. Today it still looks amazing!! COMPARED TO RIGHT EYE 10 YEARS younger! I didn’t buy,he offered a unbelieveable price!! OMG ! I was in a hurry and didn’t buy! What a mistake!

  38. Isabel, May 2019

    It is amazing product with instant results. Highly recommended

  39. Stephanie

    Great Product, was in Hawaii last week girls snagged me and quickly applied this to one eye instantly saw results they got my husband to purchase it cuz they threw in a few things for free. Also got me into to see Jonathan from Prestige. He had flown in to see a celebrity on the island to do a treatment well he did a treatment on me with some pretty cool state of the art wrinkle reducing techniques. The man was great, we left there making a friend for life and I hope I’m able to send him some business either in Hawaii or Beverly Hills where his practice is. I literally left there looking a few years younger just after one treatment. I can only imagine how I will look after continued use of the products.

  40. Debra

    I was in Mexico and the guy put it on my eyes it was nice. It really works I should’ve bought it when I was over there they were going to give me a free tube for my mouth and chin. It is a awesome product but it is expensive in the states.

  41. Nancie Bergeron

    Excellent product. Instant result.

  42. Cristina

    I purchased this product for the first time today. It is amazing! I can see instant results after only one application.

  43. Meranda Vaughn

    This is awesome

  44. Alma

    It is amazing product with instant results. Highly recommended.

  45. Alma

    i bought 2 syringes last year in las Vegas. Results are instant. Highly recommended.

  46. Barbara

    Amazing results

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