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Top Skincare Trends for 2023 and How to Incorporate Them Into Your Routine

Top Skincare Trends for 2023 and How to Incorporate Them Into Your Routine

Skincare is now the fastest-growing sector in the beauty industry, with more and more people realizing just how important it is to take good care of their skin. So, the abundance of skincare trends for 2023 should come as no surprise. 

While it’s true that many of the latest trends are simply short-lived fads that are having their five minutes of undeserved fame on social media, there are also a number of exciting new skincare trends that are making waves for a reason. By meeting the evolving needs of modern-day skincare consumers, these trends are definitely worth paying attention to.

Read on as Venofye talks you through the top skincare trends for 2023, along with tips on how to incorporate each one into your routine.

Science-Led Skincare Formulas

beta syringe

There’s no denying that natural skincare ingredients have been having their moment recently. However, after spending the last few years trying out various all-natural products and not seeing the results that they were hoping for, consumers are now increasingly returning to proven, science-led skincare formulas.

That’s not to say that they’re shunning natural ingredients. In fact, some of the biggest skincare trends for 2023 are related to keeping things natural and minimal. However, consumers are changing direction slightly, choosing to go with natural ingredients that are backed by plenty of scientific research that confirms their efficacy.

One great example of a bestselling science-led skincare product from Venofye is the Royal Bee Rapid Beta Plump Infusion. It contains a number of natural ingredients, including cucumber fruit extract, avocado oil, and sweet almond oil. Cucumber fruit extract has been proven to hydrate and rejuvenate the complexion, avocado oil helps the skin barrier to feel stronger, and sweet almond oil is a hardworking emollient that can significantly improve the look of the skin’s texture and tone.

That said, you’ll also find a number of lab-produced ingredients in this formula, including peptides, vitamins, and beta-glucans. This blend of science and nature is exactly what makes this product so successful. It’s also something that you’ll likely see cropping up time and time again in many of the skincare trends of the future.

The Preservation of a Youthful Complexion

venofye wrinkle corrector

You’ve probably heard of the phrase “prevention is better than cure” – it has been around since the 1500s. While it’s usually used in reference to healthcare, it has now become a mantra for the skincare world too.

What exactly does this mean? It’s simple. Instead of waiting for your skin to develop various visible concerns, which you would then treat, you turn your attention to preventing the appearance of those skin issues in the first place. Sure, this may not be relevant at the moment if you’re already dealing with multiple skin problems. However, once you’ve managed to remedy those, focusing on prevention will help to ensure that they don’t return.

Let’s use the appearance of wrinkles as an example. There are plenty of products out there that are designed to diminish the look of wrinkles (such as Venofye’s Blossom Bee Advanced Wrinkle Corrector), but the younger generation is striving to give their skin everything it needs to prevent the appearance of aging in the first place, meaning that they won’t need to deal with wrinkles quite so early on in life.

Wondering how you would go about doing this?

It requires taking quite a holistic approach to your skin. This means drinking plenty of water, eating a healthy diet, keeping your skin protected from the sun, and getting enough beauty sleep each night. Additionally, you should also be giving your skin extra vitamins and nutrients topically. The Bionyx ViperLift Bio Cream can really help with this. It’s packed with vitamins A, C, and E, along with several antioxidants and fatty acids. It’s everything that your complexion needs to remain youthful!

Multi-Tasking Skincare Products

vitamin c serum

15-step Korean-inspired beauty routines have been in the limelight for a while. However, many of the micro skincare trends for 2023 show that consumers are now turning to the other extreme. 

If you were paying attention to skincare trends last year, then you’re probably familiar with the term ‘skinimalism’. People started to cut back on their skincare routines, taking a more minimalist approach instead. 

Well, 2023 sees this set to continue even further. This has led to more and more people favoring multi-tasking skincare products. After all, why waste time layering on three different serums when you could instead use just one serum that does it all?

Of course, this does mean that you need to be selective when choosing new skincare products. The only way to ensure that the single serum you’re using can truly replace the three that you were previously applying is to study its ingredient list. Make sure that the ingredients used in that formula are capable of targeting all of your visible skin issues.

One multi-tasking serum that can help to address multiple complexion concerns is the Venofye Blossom Bee Vitamin C Serum. You’re probably familiar with all of the benefits that vitamin C has to offer. It brightens the complexion, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, lightens the look of dark spots, helps to hydrate the skin…the list goes on! We’ve combined this antioxidant with vitamins A and E, along with a rich blend of plant oils, to create a serum that can transform the appearance in so many different ways.

Body Care

Venofye salt scrub

The concept of self-care really came into its own during the pandemic, and body care was a big part of this. Now that we’re in 2023, the focus hasn’t shifted much. In fact, body care is proving to be one of the biggest skincare trends that the industry is seeing this year.

This is partly down to the body positivity movement that has been taking the world by storm. People are now talking more openly about the body-related issues that they may be facing, and many of these are linked to the skin. Be it body acne (aka bacne), razor bumps, flaky skin, or anything else, these once-taboo topics are now being discussed on public forums. Consumers are keener than ever to learn how to care for the skin on the body in the best way.

Fortunately, since the skin on the body is thicker and tougher than the skin on the face, a body care routine doesn’t need to be quite as extensive as a facial care routine. Instead, you only need a few products, with the first being a gentle body wash.

A gentle body exfoliant, such as the Venofye Salt Scrub, is also essential. It doesn’t take much for the skin on the body to start looking rough and dull, and a quick scrub is all you need to rectify that. 

A body moisturizer is also essential. Just like when choosing a face cream, pick a formula that suits your skin type. If you often feel quite greasy or you’re regularly having to battle bacne breakouts, go with a lightweight cream, such as the Venofye Body Cream. On the other hand, if dryness is your biggest issue, then pick a thicker and richer formula, such as the Venofye Body Butter.


Venofye silk cream

When it comes to ingredient-specific skincare trends, hyaluronic acid has received some great press. It’s famed for being one of the best humectants in the industry.

However, there’s an unsung hero that deserves just as much attention; glycerin. Fortunately, you’ll be hearing a lot more about it this year, as glycerin is set to take center stage in the lineup of 2023’s skincare trends.

Glycerin isn’t a new ingredient – it was first discovered in 1779! Chances are that it’s already in quite a few of the skincare products that you already use. 

However, more and more studies are emerging that point to how glycerin is actually even more effective at hydrating the skin than hyaluronic acid. It has been compared to a number of different humectants and it always comes out on top.

This doesn’t mean that you need to cut hyaluronic acid out of your life. Instead, look for products that make use of both humectants, such as the Venofye Beehive HydraLift Mask. This formula combines them with a long list of antioxidant-rich fruit extracts, including bilberry, noni, mangosteen, pomegranate, and goji. It will give you skin that looks smoother, firmer, and brighter.

Another Venofye product that boasts both glycerin and hyaluronic acid is the Beehive Silk Cream. This formula takes things a step further by combining them with a few other humectants, including algae extract and soluble collagen. As a result, this moisturizer is able to quickly plump up the look of the skin. It will leave you looking lit from within!

Short Contact Skincare

When it comes to the different skincare trends of 2023, short contact skincare may sound a little quirky at first. It’s a trend favored by those with sensitive skin. It involves using powerful skincare products, such as serums containing high-performance actives, for a short period of time. Rather than allowing the serum to remain on their skin, they rinse it off after 10 minutes or so.

Why? Because, for many people with sensitive skin, this enables them to use skincare products that their skin wouldn’t usually be able to tolerate. Some sensitivities only occur after the skin has been exposed to a certain ingredient for a long period of time. By washing the ingredient away before this happens, the skin will still be able to soak up some of the benefits provided by that ingredient. At the same time, it won’t have to deal with the subsequent irritation.

Is this a good idea?

For some people, it could be. However, for many others, sensitivities occur immediately after their skin has come into contact with an ingredient, even if their skin has only been exposed to it for a few seconds. 

That said, if you already have a skincare product that you’ve stopped using due to sensitivities, then it may be worth giving the short contact concept a try – you never know which products you may end up rediscovering!

Ready to Give 2023’s Skincare Trends a Try?

As you can see, the top skincare trends for 2023 definitely hold some merit. While you may already have a favorite tried-and-tested skincare routine, it’s always worth experimenting with new ingredients, techniques, and ideas to see if you could boost your routine, and therefore also your complexion, even further.

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