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Can You Get Rid of Sun Spots?

Can You Get Rid of Sun Spots?

If you’ve spent a significant amount of time in the sun over the years and haven’t been very diligent about sun protection, then chances are that you’ll now be seeing sun spots appearing on your skin. Although these dark marks are completely harmless and don’t become cancerous, they can still make the skin look uneven and older than its years.

Fortunately, you don’t have to deal with them forever. Read on as Venofye explains what you need to do to fade the look of your sun spots once and for all.

What Exactly Causes Sun Spots?

woman sun spots

It goes without saying that sun spots are caused by over-exposure to the sun, but why exactly do they appear?

Well, it all comes down to the melanin that your skin produces whenever the sun’s UV rays beat down on it. Melanin is the pigment that gives your skin its color. It also serves as an additional form of natural protection against the damage that the sun can cause to your skin cells. 

The more melanin your skin produces, the darker your skin will be. It’s what leads to the skin tanning when under the sun. 

Unfortunately, too much sun exposure causes the skin’s melanin production to go into overdrive. It produces more melanin than needed, which means that this melanin isn’t able to be evenly dispersed throughout the skin in the way that it should be. As a result, the excess pigment ends up clustering under certain areas of your skin. This gives those patches of skin a darker color, with those dark marks referred to as sun spots, age spots, or hyperpigmentation.

How to Fade the Visibility of Sun Spots

When it comes to skin concerns, prevention is always better than cure. However, if you’re already dealing with the visible effects of your sun-loving years, here’s what you’ll need to do to fade the visibility of your sun spots and balance out your complexion once again:

Use Topical Ingredients That Have Been Proven to Lighten the Look of Discoloration

woman applying cream

Topical products that lighten the look of discolored skin are usually a person’s first point of call when trying to get rid of the appearance of sun spots. There are plenty out there that are capable of doing just that, but you need to be careful about which you choose to use. Some ingredients, such as hydroquinone, may be effective but are also infamous for their side effects. 

If you would like to reduce the visibility of your sun spots without having to deal with the associated redness and irritation that harsh chemicals can cause, these are the ingredients that you need to be using:

Vitamin C

venofye vitamin c serum

Just about every dermatologist would agree that vitamin C is a must if you’re trying to lighten the look of dark spots. Multiple studies have proven this ingredient to be extremely successful at de-pigmenting the complexion. It targets skin cells that look discolored and lightens their appearance, without affecting the color of any skin cells that haven’t been damaged by the sun.

The best way to treat your skin to the complexion-lightening properties of vitamin C is with a serum. The Venofye Blossom Bee Vitamin C Serum contains two forms of the vitamin. With both tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate and ascorbyl palmitate at play, you can expect to see visible results in half the time.

Aloe Vera

venofye facial toner

Although its reputation may be focused on how it hydrates and soothes the feel of the skin, aloe vera can be a useful tool when lightening the look of discoloration too. This is all down to the aloin that it contains. It’s a compound that has been proven to fade the look of sun spots and other forms of hyperpigmentation.

While you could simply slather your skin with pure aloe vera gel, there’s no denying that that can get a little messy. To keep things simple, look for a skin care product that contains aloe vera as one of its main actives, such as Venofye’s Blossom Bee Facial Toner. Infused with aloe vera leaf juice, rather than just the extract, this formula not only helps to rebalance an uneven complexion, but will also provide your skin with deep hydration.

Alpha-Hydroxy Acids

venofye collagen cream

Alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) are most commonly found in exfoliating products. They work by clearing away the dull and discolored layer that sits atop the skin’s surface. This reveals the fresh and even-looking skin cells that lie beneath. 

We’ll dive into more detail regarding exfoliation soon since this is key when dealing with sun spots. However, if you want to see results ASAP, we’d recommend adding AHAs to other stages of your skin care routine too. That’s where our Apitoxin Collagen Cream comes in. It’s infused with lactic acid and malic acid, both of which are known for being gentle AHAs. Together, they’re capable of giving the skin a much brighter and more balanced finish.

Licorice Root Extract

venofye eye serum

Licorice root contains a compound called glabridin. Studies have found glabridin to be extremely effective at lightening the look of discolored skin. Use it regularly and you should start to see improvements in your complexion after a month or so, with your more stubborn dark spots lightening in visibility after a couple of months.

If your sun spots have been showing up around your eyes, give our Royal Jelly Bee Luminescent Eye Serum a try. This formula contains several of the ingredients that we’ve already featured. From aloe vera to vitamin C to licorice root extract, it’s a powerhouse at brightening the appearance of discolored skin.

Green Tea Extract

venofye silk cream

One age-old remedy for dealing with the appearance of sun spots is to place green tea bags over the skin. Although this method hasn’t been confirmed effective by science, research shows that green tea does indeed contain compounds that are capable of fading the look of discoloration.

The best way to make the most of this is by using skin care products that contain green tea extract. You’ll find the botanical in several Venofye products, but we’d recommend trying the Beehive Silk Cream. In addition to green tea, it also contains licorice root extract. This will ensure that your complexion looks bright and even after regular use.

Regularly Exfoliate Your Skin

venofye facial peeling

While a single exfoliation session will immediately leave your skin looking brighter and more radiant, regular exfoliation is what you need to get rid of the appearance of sun spots. The way in which exfoliation removes the outer, discolored layer of skin cells goes a long way in ensuring that the skin looks clear and even.

With that said, you need to be careful about the exfoliant you choose to use, along with how often you use it. Over-exfoliation can make sun spots worse, so don’t go overboard! Instead, pick a gentle but effective formula, such as Venofye’s Blossom Bee Facial Peeling. Use it once or twice a week (depending on your skin type) and you should see the visibility of your dark spots starting to fade.

Protect Your Skin From Further Sun Damage

woman sun protection

Not only is the sun responsible for causing your dark spots to appear in the first place, but continued UV exposure can also make those sun spots look even darker. Even if you’re following a strict regimen for reducing the appearance of your hyperpigmentation, your efforts will be in vain unless you’re also protecting your skin from further sun damage.

SPF 30 is usually recommended as a minimum for preventing sun-related skin issues. However, since you’re already dealing with the visible signs of sun damage, go with a stronger formula. Make sure that the sunscreen that you choose is a broad-spectrum product too. This will ensure protection from both UVA and UVB rays.

Don’t forget to also apply your sunscreen throughout the year. You may not be able to feel the heat of the sun quite as much during the colder months, but UV rays are still present in the winter and are more than capable of causing further damage to your skin.

Professional Treatments for Sun Spots

sun spot treatment

If you’ve already tried a variety of different topical products and techniques and are still struggling to shift the look of discolored skin, then it may be time to turn to professional treatments. Here are some of the most popular options:

Chemical Peels

A chemical peel is very similar to exfoliation. However, unlike at-home exfoliants, peels delve deeper into the skin. This means that the results that they provide are much more intense and dramatic.

Chemical peels are available in different strengths. Usually, a superficial peel is all you need for targeting sun spots. However, if your hyperpigmentation is quite prominent, your dermatologist may recommend a medium-depth peel.

Laser Skin Resurfacing

As you can tell from the name, laser skin resurfacing involves the use of a laser. This emits beams of light that remove the various layers of sun damaged skin. 

The laser resurfacing treatments themselves don’t take long. However, it can take a couple of weeks for your skin to heal after your treatment. Once it does, you should be left with a brighter and more even complexion.


Microdermabrasion involves the use of a specialist device with an abrasive tip. It physically removes the outer layer of your skin, meaning all of those discolored skin cells. 

Treatments are quick and don’t usually cause any pain. However, you’ll likely need a series of treatments over the course of a few months in order to fully eradicate those visible sun spots.


Cryotherapy may sound high-tech but it’s a fantastic way to clear your complexion of sun spots. Your dermatologist will dab liquid nitrogen onto your skin for a few seconds using a cotton swab. This essentially freezes the excess pigment under your skin, which leads to its destruction.

Again, this treatment is very quick – it usually takes just a few minutes. After treatment, the skin will scab. Once the scab falls off, the skin beneath will look fresh, healthy, and evenly colored.


While you won’t be able to get rid of your sun spots overnight, there’s plenty that you can do to fade their appearance overnight. Start by using the right topical ingredients at home, while also regularly exfoliating and committing yourself to sun protection. If you don’t see the results that you’re hoping for after a few months, then speak to your dermatologist about which professional treatments would be best suited to your skin.

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