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Skincare Regime to Combat Oily Skin

Skincare Regime to Combat Oily Skin

There are so many skincare products out there designed for oily skin, with even more choices available if your skin is acne-prone too. As a result, people tend to pile on the products in a desperate attempt to tone down how greasy their skin looks.

Unfortunately, this can often have the opposite effect, making oiliness even worse by drying the skin out too much or triggering inflammation. This can make dealing with oily skin seem like a never-ending battle!

If you can relate, it’s time for a new skincare routine. Read on as Venofye shares a regime that will soon have your oily skin looking matte, smooth, and blemish-free.

Start With the Blossom Bee Clarifying Cream Cleanser

Blossom Bee Cleanser

Cleansers are often where people with oily skin go wrong. They opt for powerful foaming cleansers that promise to remove every last drop of sebum, and they make use of sulfates to do so. 

There are two problems with this. Firstly, you don’t want to remove every trace of sebum on your skin. If you strip your skin completely dry, your sebaceous glands will only increase oil production to compensate for this. Your potent cleanser may provide a temporary oil-free complexion immediately after cleansing, but it won’t be long before that sebum is back with a vengeance! 

When it comes to sulfates, these are ingredients that you should try to avoid. They’re known for doing exactly what we’ve described above – overly drying the skin out. Unfortunately, they’re commonly used in cleansers, particularly those designed for oily skin.

What’s the solution? Cleansing with the Venofye Blossom Bee Clarifying Cream Cleanser. Just like foaming cleansers, it creates a luscious lather, but doesn’t rely on sulfates to do this. Although it’s a water-based cleanser, it contains oils too. This makes it capable of removing both oil-based and water-based impurities on the skin. Not only will it clear away excess sebum but it will also tackle dirt, makeup, pollutants, and more.

Exfoliate With the Blossom Bee Facial Peeling

Blossom Bee Facial Peeling

Regularly exfoliating is essential if you have oily skin. Even if you cleanse twice a day, some of the extra oil that your skin is producing will still end up sinking into your pores in between cleanses. Once there, your cleanser will struggle to remove it. However, if you leave it be, it will only contribute to blockages and acne. This is where exfoliation comes in.

Exfoliation will give your skin a deeper cleanse. Instead of focusing on the surface of your skin, which is what a cleanser does, an exfoliator will pull sebum and dead skin cells out of your pores. Doing this regularly is crucial if you want to prevent the appearance of clogged pores and acne breakouts.

Can’t you just exfoliate each day instead of cleansing? No, because over-exfoliating your skin will not only increase sebum production, but will also cause irritation, sensitivities, and other problems. It can take several months for the skin to recover from this.

Of course, over-exfoliation doesn’t just refer to exfoliating too often. It also involves using an exfoliator that’s too harsh for your skin. This is why we recommend exfoliating with the Venofye Blossom Bee Facial Peeling. It does a thorough job of exfoliating the skin and the addition of bee venom will leave your complexion revitalized. 

Soothe and Rebalance With the Blossom Bee Facial Toner

Blossom Bee Toner

Back in the day, toners were created for the sole purpose of drying out oily skin. They contained potent astringents that would have an instant de-greasing effect, but would only increase sebum production in the long run.

This is why toners have earned a dubious reputation over the years. Even those with oily skin were staying away from them, realizing that those drying formulas weren’t doing their skin any favors.

Fortunately, times have changed and the toners of today are very different. Rather than focusing on drying up excess oil as quickly as possible, they work by rebalancing the complexion so that it feels less oily in general in the long run. 

This is something that the Venofye Blossom Bee Facial Toner excels at, making it a must-have in your skincare regime. It provides a few other benefits to oily skin too, such as the way in which it calms the feeling of inflammation and diminishes the look of redness. Oily skin is prone to both, but the combination of aloe vera leaf juice, chamomile extract, and cucumber fruit extract in this formula will have your skin feeling soothed and stress-free.

Pamper Your Eye Area With the Royal Jelly Bee Luminescent Eye Serum

jelly-bee-eye serum

If the skin around your eyes could do with some TLC, then an eye serum would be a worthy addition to your skincare routine. Sure, fine lines and wrinkles may not appear to be quite so noticeable on oily skin compared to, say, dry skin, but there is still a multitude of other issues that you may experience in this area, from discoloration to dark circles.

It’s important to keep your skincare routine as light as possible to avoid clogging your pores. This is why an eye serum is often a better choice than an eye cream. Plus, serums are loved for how they tackle complexion concerns on a deeper level. This makes them the top choice if you’re hoping to see some serious changes in your appearance.

While some eye serums are designed to target specific skin concerns, others, like the Venofye Royal Jelly Bee Luminescent Eye Serum, are fantastic all-rounders. This silky formula is infused with several hydrating ingredients, including sodium hyaluronate, peptides, and glycerin. It also contains vitamin C, green tea, and licorice extract to even out the look of your skin and lighten the visibility of dark spots. You’ll also find bee venom and a few other antioxidants in this serum, enabling it to counter the appearance of free radical damage.

Hydrate With the Iron Bee Boosting Serum

iron bee boosting serum

Keeping oily skin hydrated is so important but it can be difficult to do. Many of the hydrating skincare products out there contain pore-clogging ingredients. These combined with oily skin will undoubtedly lead to breakouts.

However, if you fail to hydrate oily skin, you’ll only make that greasiness worse. Acne breakouts will also become more prevalent because your deflated dehydrated pores will struggle to release oil, resulting in blockages in pore openings. If you’re trying to combat how oily your skin feels, dehydration is to be avoided at all costs. 

Ideally, you want to keep your complexion balanced; hydrated without being overloaded. Achieving this fine line sounds tricky, but it’s much easier when you have the Venofye Iron Bee Boosting Serum by your side. This serum is brimming with hydrating compounds, including sodium hyaluronate, collagen, peptides, and glycerin. It also contains vitamin C, which helps to boost skin moisture levels. Studies have found that vitamin C can also help to reduce the appearance of acne lesions, making it a game-changer for those with oily skin.

Provide Daytime Protection With the Orchard Bee Brilliance Cream SPF 30

Orchard Bee Brilliance Cream

The final step of your skincare routine should be to moisturize your skin. However, the product that you use to do this should depend on the time of day. Let’s start by talking about moisturizing in the mornings…

During the day, your skin’s biggest issue is the environment. It’s filled with aggressors that harm your skin. From UV rays to pollution to other chemicals that you come into contact with, your skin really needs to focus on preventing damage. Any damage that it undergoes will only throw it off balance even more, leaving you oilier.

To keep the appearance of daytime damage at bay, you need to moisturize with a cream that contains antioxidants, as well as SPF. Sure, you could use a separate sunscreen but this means applying yet another product to your skin. This will leave you more susceptible to breakouts.

Instead, a two-in-one product, such as the Venofye Orchard Bee Brilliance Cream SPF 30, would be the way to go. It’s a lightweight cream that sinks into the skin quickly. It won’t leave you feeling any greasier but it will work wonders when it comes to keeping your skin feeling safe and healthy during the day.

Provide Overnight Care With the Iron Bee Transforming Cream

ironbee transforming cream

As hard as your skin cells may work during the day to keep your complexion safe, some damage is still likely to occur. This worsens as you age and your skin cells become less capable of keeping the appearance of damage at bay.

At night, the skin naturally turns its attention to healing visible damage. As a result, your night cream should do the same so that it supports your skin’s natural endeavors. 

However, again, you need a cream that isn’t going to clog up your pores. So many night creams contain rich plant butters and oils that work beautifully overnight but are too heavy for oily skin. 

This skin type requires a much lighter formula, just like the Venofye Iron Bee Transforming Cream. You won’t need to worry about finding heavy ingredients in this moisturizer. Instead, it boasts lightweight humectants that hydrate by binding moisture to the skin, along with vitamins and antioxidants to keep your skin looking bright and clear. As with all Venofye products, this cream contains bee venom too. It helps with the appearance of everything from wrinkles to discoloration!

For best results, apply your nighttime moisturizer while your skin is still damp from the previous product you’ve used. If it has dried out, swipe on a layer of toner before topping this with your night cream. This will give your skin a moisture boost that it will love!

Caring For Oily Skin With Venofye

There’s no denying that oily skin can be difficult to care for, especially if you’ve spent the last few years using all of the wrong products. The good news is that it’s never too late to put things right. Follow the Venofye skincare routine that we’ve detailed above and you’ll be able to rebalance how oily your skin feels while keeping the appearance of acne, dark spots, and wrinkles at bay.

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