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How Does the Venofye Apitoxin Collagen Collection Work?

How Does the Venofye Apitoxin Collagen Collection Work?

There’s nothing wrong with mixing and matching skincare products from different collections and brands. For many, this is often a more realistic way of doing things. It enables you to add in certain products as and when needed, allowing you to easily adapt your skincare routine.

While this may be the case, there are sometimes distinct advantages that come from using a skincare collection in its entirety. Some collections, such as the Venofye Apitoxin Collagen Collection, contain products that have been designed to complement each other. Use them individually and they’ll produce fantastic results, but combine them and their effects magnify.

Stick with us at Venofye as we explain more about how that works…

What is the Venofye Apitoxin Collagen Collection?

Venofye Apitoxin Collagen Collection

Before we get started, let’s take a quick look at exactly what the Venofye Apitoxin Collagen Collection is.

This skincare collection consists of three products; the Apitoxin Collagen Mask, the Apitoxin Collagen Night Recovery, and the Apitoxin Collagen Cream.

Wondering what apitoxin means?

It’s another word for bee venom, Venofye’s signature ingredient. You’ll find apitoxin in all of the products in the Venofye Apitoxin Collagen Collection.

Why Bee Venom?

So, why have we included bee venom in our formulas?

It may sound a little kooky, but bee venom is an incredible anti-aging ingredient. And no, you don’t need to take our word for it – there are plenty of scientific studies out there that’ll back this up.

Bee venom works in a pretty amazing way. When applied topically, it tricks your skin into thinking that it has been stung by a bee. As a result, your skin amps up its production of collagen and elastin to stimulate the healing process. However, in addition to helping with healing, collagen and elastin are also the two proteins that give your skin its smoothness and firmness. With your skin now producing more of these, you can expect to see plumper and tighter complexion.

Impressed? That’s not all that bee venom does. It also contains 18 skin-loving amino acids, peptides, and enzymes – it’s no wonder that it has been used as a healing ingredient for so long.

Even better, bee venom can be extracted in a way that doesn’t cause any stress or harm to bees. They’ll be able to continue buzzing around, living their best lives, even after they have deposited their venom.

The Apitoxin Collagen Mask

Venofye Apitoxin Collagen Mask

Now, let’s start with the Venofye Apitoxin Collagen Mask. Take a look at its ingredient list and you’ll notice that it’s a clay-based mask. However, for those of you who find clay masks drying, don’t scroll away just yet.

Rather than sticking to one type of clay, and therefore relegating this mask to just one skin type, we’ve made use of both kaolin and bentonite clays. Kaolin is better suited for dry/normal skin, while bentonite is more absorbent, and therefore better for oily skin. However, combine them in the right ratio and you’ll have a mix that can safely be used on all skin types.

Many clay masks don’t contain much other than clay. However, we wanted this mask to be a multi-tasker, which is why we’ve infused it with an assortment of natural extracts. You’ll find seaweed extract for its hydrating properties, ginkgo Biloba for its concentrated antioxidants, white birch extract for its barrier-boosting properties, and so much more!

As a result, this mask can target a wide range of concerns. By all means, use it to eliminate the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, but you can also count on it to brighten, hydrate, and lift. What more could you want?

How to Use the Venofye Apitoxin Collagen Mask

We’ve designed this mask to be used once a week. However, if you have oily skin, you may be able to get away with using it twice weekly.

This mask should always be used on freshly cleansed skin. So, give your skin a quick once-over with your favorite Venofye cleanser before getting started.

Then, use the spoon provided to scoop the mask out of the jar and onto your skin. Smooth it evenly over your skin, starting at your eye area and working your way around your face. Don’t forget to also bring it down towards your neck and chest. The skin here is just as delicate as the skin on your face, so it deserves the same amount of TLC!

Once you’re done, sit back and relax for 10 minutes. Don’t be tempted to leave the mask on for longer than this. Since it’s a clay-based mask, allowing the clay to over-dry will also leave your skin feeling overly dry. Timing is key when it comes to gaining the most from this mask.

Then, rinse the mask off with cool water before patting your face dry.

It’s now time to continue with the next step of the Venofye Apitoxin Collagen Collection!

The Apitoxin Collagen Night Recovery

Venofye Apitoxin Collagen Night Recovery

Everybody should be using a serum at night.


Because, although you may be fast asleep, your skin isn’t. Instead, it’s hard at work repairing its cells from all of the damage that they have encountered over the day.

This is easy enough in your earlier years. Your skin naturally produces enough of its healing components, from protein fibers to hyaluronic acid, to deeply repair itself. However, as you age, your skin slows down. Skin cells aren’t able to function quite as efficiently, meaning that daily damage starts to accumulate, soon becoming a permanent part of your skin.

This is why a good night serum is essential. Look for one that contains ingredients that will support your skin’s overnight functions, such as the Venofye Apitoxin Collagen Night Recovery.

You’ll recognize some of the ingredients in this formula from the Venofye Apitoxin Collagen Mask. Just like the mask, this blend contains seaweed extract, collagen, and vitamin A. We’ve done this to allow your skin to double up on the benefits that those ingredients provide, rather than diluting the mask’s ingredients down by following them up with a whole new set of ingredients.

However, the Apitoxin Collagen Night Recovery also contains a few special additions that you won’t find in the mask, such as its multi-peptide blend. You’ve probably heard peptides being mentioned about anti-aging, but not many people are familiar with exactly what they are. Peptides are chains of amino acids – your skin uses them to produce protein fibers. The more peptides it has access to, the more collagen and elastin it’ll be able to produce. As a result, the firmer, smoother, and tighter your skin will look.

How to Use the Venofye Apitoxin Collagen Night Recovery

The Apitoxin Collagen Night Recovery is a great follow-up to the Venofye Apitoxin Collagen Mask. However, the mask can only be used weekly, whereas this serum is the perfect addition to your regular evening skincare routine.

The serum should always be applied to cleansed skin. Simply press down on the pump dispenser a couple of times (one pump is usually enough for the face, but you may need one or two more to cover your neck and chest) to release the product. Then, massage this into your skin until it has been fully absorbed.

Wait for half a minute or so before continuing with the final product in the Venofye Apitoxin Collagen Collection.

The Venofye Apitoxin Collagen Cream

Venofye Apitoxin Collagen Cream

A moisturizer is one of the most important steps in any skincare routine. No matter your skin type, your skin cells need water to properly function, and that’s exactly what a moisturizer provides. Not only does it add moisture, but a good face cream will also form a seal over the surface of your skin, preventing the moisture from within your skin from evaporating away.

If you’ve already applied other skincare products, then layering a moisturizer over the top will help to push all of those other ingredients deeper into your skin. This makes the Venofye Apitoxin Collagen Cream the perfect final step in your skincare routine.

Again, we’ve included some of the same key ingredients that you’ll find in the mask and serum we’ve just discussed. However, just like the others, this formula also contains a few special additions that make it ultra unique.

Let’s start by talking about beta-glucan. You’ve probably heard about how hydrating hyaluronic acid is. Well, beta-glucan is a sugar that works in the same way, except many would say that beta-glucan is even more hydrating. It’s also effective at reducing fine lines and wrinkles and restoring overall skin health.

We’ve also included two alpha-hydroxy acids in this cream; lactic acid and malic acid. Don’t worry, we’ve used them in low concentrations, so they aren’t going to deeply exfoliate. Instead, they’ll provide a gentle resurfacing. This isn’t the main purpose of this cream (that would be hydration), but the smoother and brighter finish provided by the AHAs is a useful bonus!

How to Use the Venofye Apitoxin Collagen Cream

Use the Venofye Apitoxin Collagen Cream in the same way that you would use any other face moisturizer. Apply it to your skin after using a serum (ideally the Venofye Apitoxin Collagen Night Recovery), and gently massage it in until it has been fully absorbed.

If you’re looking to downsize your skincare routine, then by all means use this cream on its own. However, as always, make sure that your skin has been cleansed first.

Making the Most of the Venofye Apitoxin Collagen Collection

Venofye Apitoxin Collagen Collection

You may have noticed that we constantly stress the importance of only using skincare products on clean skin.

Have you ever wondered why this is?

Chances are that you, just like everyone else, have had days where you’ve been too tired to cleanse at night. Instead, you simply slap on some product and fall into bed.

There are a few problems that come from doing this. For starters, whatever product you’ve applied will struggle to reach your skin cells. It’ll have to get through a layer of dirt, oil, dead skin cells, and other impurities first, which isn’t easy. Instead, it’s more likely to end up failing to properly absorb. All of that unabsorbed product residue will start to mix with all of those impurities we’ve just mentioned, resulting in clogged pores and acne breakouts.

So, if you want to experience all of the benefits that come from using the Venofye Apitoxin Collagen Collection, make sure that you cleanse your skin first.

We would recommend going with the Venofye Queen Bee Clarifying Cream Cleanser. This milky formula turns into a satisfying lather as you massage it into your skin. It’ll clear away dirt and oil without drying your skin out. This will perfectly prep it for the Venofye Apitoxin Collagen Collection.


If you’re looking for a way to hydrate your skin while also reducing the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles, you’ve found it. There may only be three products in the Venofye Apitoxin Collagen Collection, but, sometimes, simplicity is best. These three products work in harmony to produce real results, making them the perfect addition to your existing regimen.

Are you dealing with any other skin concerns? Whether you’re struggling with dark spots, dryness, enlarged pores, or sun damage, Venofye can help. Click here to browse some of our best-selling formulas.

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