ViperLift Bio Syringe

12g / 0.42 oz
(108 customer reviews)

Infused with Vitamin E (Tocopheryl Acetate) and Sodium Hyaluronate, this one-of-a-kind formula helps reduce the look of wrinkles with an innovative ingredient blend and an advanced application method.


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How To Use

Apply to clean skin. Gently press top of syringe down until product comes out and apply directly to wrinkle. If necessary, remove excess product with cotton swab.


Aqua, Magnesium Aluminum Silicate, Sodium Silicate, Sodium Polystyrene Sulfonate, Dimethylaminoethanol Tartrate, Cucumis Sativus Fruit Extract, Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, Hyaluronic Acid, Retinyl Palmitate, Tocopheryl Acetate, Persea Gratissima Oil, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Mica, Diaminobutyroyl Benzylamide Diacetate, Titanium Dioxide, Xanthan Gum, Ethylhexylglycerine, Phenoxyethanol, Iron Oxide.

108 reviews for ViperLift Bio Syringe

  1. Sinead Power

    Amazing results, BEST product ever!!!

  2. Lyndon Presser

    This product is amazing. I bought it at a trade show and received 2. I gave one away and could kick myself. Smooths under eye wrinkle in an instant. I love this product!

  3. Birgita

    Amazing products, crazy results for the long term!!!!!

  4. Heather

    I have only used it twice and the difference is amazing but so sad it is expensive. Thank you Tom in the Beauty Bar Malta for introducing it to me.

  5. matan

    After a long time of surching for a natural result for my eyes i finaly found it.
    Worth every penny!

  6. Catherine Bierwith

    Best stuff ever! I have to save it, use it sparingly, when I really want to look my best! I’m on my second, and last, syringe. I’m really going to have to save it for special occasions now!

  7. Neva Hiscock

    Amazing .

  8. Miranda

    I wish I would’ve bought it while on my cruise. It isvery expensive and a bit out of my budget on the website.

  9. Rachel

    Among the worthwhile shopping I did! Thank you to venofye for the amazing customer service!
    The syringe really works, thank you for changing my life

  10. Carrol

    I love the product. Results are amazing. thank you!!!!


    It seems an amazing product, I notice the instant effect within seconds after i apply to the fine lines. I wish it provide more info on “how often should I apply?” I was told by the representative that I can even apply under the eyes to reduce the puffiness. And I only have to apply this Viperlift Bio Syringe once a week at nighttime . Then on daily basis, I will use the Royal Jelly Bee eye firming cream for maintenance. Is it advisable to use it under the eyes too? As it only states ” reduce the look of deep wrinkles.”.
    This is for clarification only. After all, I love this product very much even it is a bit pricey but effective.

  12. Grace

    WOW. what a difference. Everyone has been asking me if I had something done to my face. Definitely worth the money

  13. Malissa

    Really loved this product !
    Was givin a sample in a mall tho it was to expensive for me to purchase I highly recommend it if you can offord. Plus love the brand name. Queen Bee

  14. Jennifer Brossett

    I got this on a whim while traveling in Mexico because the results were so impressive. I absolutely love this product but there is no way I would pay near $1,000 for it. At that rate, Botox is cheaper. I know it wasn’t that much when I purchased it, so I’m kinda bummed to see it so expensive here. However, if you can justify the cost, it is a great product!

  15. H. Sutherland

    I am an extremely non-believer when it comes to products getting rid of wrinkles, and I NEVER write reviews but OMG!!! this stuff is amazing! I also am not the type to buy much make up or creams or any of that stuff but today I did try the VIPERLIFT BIO SYRINGE. It is just amazing! Do ask for a discount though, they really helped me…love, love, love!

  16. susan

    i love this ! works and feels amazing ! my smile looks like a smile now instead of a curtain !! lol..i apply at night. lightly rinse face in the morning? is that right? then apply Bee day moisturizer? correct? thanks i love this skin care line !

  17. Oron

    Wow ! my eyes look amazing This is the first time that I use treatment like that And I really like it !

  18. LouT02

    Wow. A friend has just tried this on me after buying as part of a promo set in the US. The results are amazing, especially with the Queen Bee moisturiser and would highly recommend. Sadly it’s out of my price range and living in the UK, impossible to get hold of.

  19. Bev Harris

    I noticed a difference when i first used it. I got mine while on a cruise at one of the ports and it was MUCH cheaper. Like only 330.00. I will be anxious to see the results in the next few days! So far, its awesome and believe me i have spent a small fortune on products that was a waste of money……….im excited with this product!!!!!♥️♥️♥️♥️


    A must have in your beauty routine

  21. Julie Smith

    I was able to try this product while on vacation….I loved it! But good grief…..the price is prohibitive for me…..

  22. Marry

    got it 3 months ago in Gibraltar Main st and Im in love with the results! just perfect!

  23. sally Werring

    tried it at the mall,fabulous but sure cant afford it

  24. Jess

    Thank you, Venofye! im using it for 1month and i can already see an improvement!

  25. Grace

    Best product for eyes that i ever tried! Expensive but worth every penny!

  26. Kate

    I really enjoy using this product because it has improved the appearance of my eyes. The price point, however, prevents my using this for any length of time. The results are pretty amazing.

  27. Lee Donaldson

    This is voodoo magic.

  28. Maria

    I bought the product from Zurich and I can sau that I love it. Finally I see the result that I wanted for so long. Thank you Venofye!

  29. Shoni Kaeo

    As a couple we tried it and instantly it was amazing.

  30. Leigh Ann Birdsell

    I fell in LOVE with this product today, but unfortunately it is not in my budget. I would LOVE to see what this product could do after continued use!!❤️

  31. Elle Murad

    Wow , a magic potion , I’m back on 20’s again

  32. Jennifer

    My husband purchased me the product as our 34th anniversary gift, and I love it! I saw results after using two months. Definitely recommends on the product

  33. Kristina Steiness

    Love the products but unforturnally it is to expencive for me.

  34. cherlee

    wow !! Amazing results .

  35. Todd

    Amazing Product

  36. Anna

    Love it!! Friend let me use once. I can’t afford it. Wish you had sweepstakes. Perhaps I would win. 🙂

  37. suzan

    love it!

  38. Shelby Arico

    Just sampled this product. Amazing! Now I need to save up for it =)

  39. Claire

    I wish I had taken before pictures…I do believe that this product helped reduce my under eye wrinkles tremendously.

  40. Laura Hurzeler

    I was utterly shocked how well this worked. There is no way I can afford this product though ! Very expensive.

  41. nicole

    love this product !!
    I did Botox 3 years ago and I’m so happy I stopped to do this anymore
    recommend for all !!!!! I get a lot of complement

  42. suzan

    I have been purchasing this product for the last 3 years, i have to say its the best skin care product ive tried , instead of getting more lines and losing collagen i build it and get younger every year. Thank you Venofye !

  43. Sandie

    Just returned from Las Vegas where I purchased mine. I love it!!! I have spent so much money trying to find something to get rid of the bags, cholesterol pockets and dark circles under my eyes and I found it with this product!!!!! Now if I could just find the card I was given for reorders at the price I purchased it for. I will definitely be purchasing more. PS-the guy who showed it to us was excellent.

  44. Elsie

    This product is pretty amazing! I will stop using Botox because of it! I noticed the difference right away

  45. Lisa

    Love It !! Cant afford it !!!!

  46. Gertrud

    I was very sceptical – but it really works!

  47. giovanni

    I can’t thank you enough, Thank you ! Great Product !
    Finally I don’t need to do Botox anymore

  48. Shreyes

    Very good product

  49. Gia

    Wow, wow, I am beyond amazed at the instant results. Simply walking through the mall when this young gal came up to me from her kiosk asking if I had a minute. Well for once I did. She applied the magic cream from her syringe under my eye on one side of my face. Within a min I had no more wrinkles or puffiness under my eye. I was amazed. It was a better result than I get with Botox. Even though I was not ready to spend that kind of money, there was no way I was going away without this miracle cream. I look so much younger and could not be happier. It’s so worth the money.

  50. connie

    I Look At Least 15 Years Younger!
    I have “11s” and marionette lines. The 11’s are my deeply grooved eyebrow lines from thinking to darn hard and the marionette lines are from my mom’s side of the family and look like deep frown lines around my mouth. I have tried so many products with so many promises only to get dismal results. I wish this site allowed for self uploads of before and after pics because my 11’s are gone and all I have left of my marionette lines are just side smile creases. I look at least 15 years younger. Everyone is asking me “what work did you have done?” I can’t recommend this enough, it is pricey but it WORKS!!

  51. carol

    wow i’m in love the syringe work amazing!

  52. Rafa

    Amazing results within 60 sec!!

  53. George


  54. Ganet Mari

    I love this product on my eyes
    I never knew that there exist a skin relaxor as effective as this one. Once I found it online, I decided to try it. I have been using it for a week now and I can surely say that this skin relaxor really works. My skin is now hydrated with a wow look.
    I have big different after a week only

  55. Roslyn

    Purchased this product in Las Vegas … I’m a eye cream addict. I love this product . It really does the job!. Can you use it everyday?.

  56. alex

    thank you for the service!! the best product for the eye bags

  57. marta


  58. betty

    the best product for the eye bags in the market. thanks

  59. JENNY

    thank you venofye!!!!!!!

  60. Barbara

    The best product that I ever tried for my eye.

  61. Claire

    Venofye is all I wish to use now. I haven’t found anything which beats their fine line treatments. The Platinum Line Filler can be applied directly to the area of concern and it always leaves your fine lines looking more diminished and the skin feeling smoother than before. I tried out the brand based on a friend’s recommendation, and am totally impressed by what they have on offer. I am completely convinced that this is the best luxury skin care brand you can go for, and never mind that price. Since the products are very long lasting, you won’t feel the need for refills before 9 – 12 months.

  62. Juvina teles

    I used it And it is true. I loved it

  63. Lily

    Excellent Product, fabulous results, highly recommend!

  64. Hana


  65. Francisco Verdugo

    It really works… I love it …! It takes about 10 years aways from my face …

  66. Maria shensler

    Amazing result

  67. Barbra Smith

    Got it on Balboa Island my eyes are just getting better and better! love it !!

  68. Martha Hopkins

    I was amazed by the immediate effect and even more impressed with the existing result throughout the 4 months I have been using the treatment. Perfect for my deep lines and puffiness! Anyone with even a little loss of collagen,man or woman, should have this treatment!

  69. Julie

    This product works wonders.

  70. Lyubov Pickens

    Best product i have

  71. Alma

    Great product and really works

  72. Barbara

    WOW amazing syrnge
    Works best instant and also long run treatment
    What Can be better than that !

  73. Cherie Conley

    Really works!!

  74. Linda soto

    Amazing treatment I can’t bealive that I try Botox before this product replace Botox it’s amazing it’s change my life

  75. Judy

    On my second Syringe now nothing out there can even come close to VIPERLIFT BIO SYRINGE dont wast your money on those other lines of eye or face wrinkle rip offs this stuff is totally worth every penny I am 71 last week was told I look 50 just amazing product Love it …thank you Lioness for Viperlift <3

  76. Face Forward Facial Studio

    I was introduced to this product at The Make Up Show in Orlando by Shimi. I was amazed at the disappearance of the bags, fine lines around my left eye and had to go back two hours later to have him do my right eye. I have purchased two kits: one for myself and to use on my clients as a Luxury Treatment for their special events. Once they get spoiled with this treatment I know they will purchase for their own use. THIS IS AN AMAZING DISAPPEARING PRODUCT.

  77. Angela

    First, I was hesitant to buy an expensive facial products. I used all the name brands and I break out. I have a super sensitive skin. Sasha at Valley Fair Mall tried it on my husband and I. OMG! we saw the results instantly. We were sold! We bought 2 of these for sensitive skin one. It’s been 1 week, and we tried it 2x this week. We love it! We see the difference on our under the eyes lines or puffiness. I also dab it on my forehead laugh lines. It really works! Worth your money!

  78. Eric

    Absolutely magic. Like botox, seriously???? Yup. Buy it.

  79. Yong ong

    AMAZING . I got this product at lionesse MBS and I’m amazed how effective is that ‘ thank you lionesse

  80. MARY F-Z

    my skin tightened up, brightened up smoothly, for a younger appearance that lasts and lasts. simply amazing.

  81. Angela Marie Pace

    The products are amazing and I was treated as if I were one of their best friends! They really cared about me and showed my what this skin care product could do….and it is amazing. I work long hours….but now I do not have to show it! Thank You!

  82. Judy

    I love It!! I am 71 had a Demo at the Mall in Edmonton,Alberta Canada ..I am on my second syringe no one can believe my age they guess me at 45 -50 …Its just amazing wrinkles gone under eyes upper lines around my mouth no flaking it is skin colored almost ..I have tried almost every wrinkle product nothing like this anywhere it works and is worth every penny of my pension …Love it Love it Thank you Venofye

  83. julia robertson

    I am usually skeptical of these products but was immediately convinced by the results. thank you..

  84. Rachel S.

    I used the syringe on the deep 11’s in between my eyes, and within 15 seconds, I could feel it working. In less than 5 minutes, they were almost gone!!! I couldn’t believe it! I had tried Botox twice and it didn’t even come close 2 what Viperlift did!! Truly amazing!!

  85. Carol

    Amazing!!! I love this product!!!! Thank you.

  86. Carolyn

    This product is an instant fix with long term results!

  87. Suzanne

    As close to miracles as you can come in the aesthetic world of eye care , within 10 minutes my dark circles , puffiness and lines vanquished . Hard to believe! A friend let me try it . The miracle would be to make it affordable.

  88. Karen

    This product really works. My frown lines and my deep creases between my eyes. Fine lines under my eyes have decreased as well.

  89. MOANA

    This LiftBio is MAGIC !!! I love it !

  90. Chris

    I love the product! I use to do Botox now it’s a great alternative way!

  91. Pam Tate

    This product is just awesome, to bad it is so expensive, it really doesn’t last all that long

  92. Kate

    Went to gem show and was shown Venofye product for removing bags under eyes. It really worked and will be trying it to see if it will continue. It seems like a great product.

  93. Cesar

    This is a great product, it’s just a little pricy.

  94. Kobi


  95. Linda

    This product has helped with my crows feet and my forehead wrinkles in ways I didn’t think were possible.. It has only been 6 months but I cant wait to see what happens in one year!

  96. Hyeon

    I bought 3weeks ago when I shopped south gate mall, Venefaye store manager recommended me. I tried that store and bought with other products. Those were excellent .

  97. ZEGNA


  98. Carol

    Love it.

  99. Dorothy Milburn

    This product does work but I will never buy this again!! I need to let everyone know that they tell you how long it will last.. Not even close I used it for my eyes about 3 xs a week and in 2 months it was gone!! Not worth that to pay this much for it shame on you!!

  100. Chris Sorna

    Most amazing eye cream I have ever used instant results made the bags I have forever had under my eyes disappear. Love this product

  101. Susanne Boyd, PA-C

    This is the first “beauty product” I have ever tried that made an immediate and visible difference in the appearance of the bags under my eyes and wrinkles around my eyes. I wish I had this before my daughters wedding because it males me look 20 years younger.

  102. jenifer12

    i look 15 years younger because this amazing syringe
    removed my lines and the bag under my eye after 6 month treatment

  103. Maureen

    I cannot believe the results when I use the bio syringe on my under eye bags. The bags disappear completely within minutes and the product doesn’t leave a residue under my eyes. The effects last for quite a long time. Really happy with the results.

  104. Zack

    Amazing results after a week that i am using this product!
    After 6 months that i am doing it once a month i have no line at all.

  105. marina

    Changed my life!!!! Worth every penny!

  106. Mel

    Amazing! I was quite skeptical at first but the difference under my eyes is night and day.

  107. catherine


  108. Marry goodman

    One of the most amazing product I can find out there!
    I’m done with Botox forever:)

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