Royal Jelly Bee Eye Collection + Blossom Bee Smoothing Mask

Give the delicate skin around your eyes the extra care that they need with the Royal Jelly Bee Collection. Infused with vitamins and essential oils, along with our signature ingredient, bee venom, these advanced formulas work together to give the skin around the eyes a firmer, brighter, and tighter look. This set also includes the Blossom Bee Wrinkle Smoothing Face & Eye Mask, designed to rejuvenate and illuminate the appearance of your skin.

Set includes 5 products:

  • Royal Jelly Bee Eye Firming Cream – 30g / 1oz.
  • Royal Jelly Bee Luminescent Eye Serum – 30ml / 1 fl. oz.
  • Royal Jelly Eye Beelift – 20g / 0.71oz
  • Royal Bee Rapid IV Plump Infusion – 35g / 1.23oz
  • Blossom Bee Wrinkle Smoothing Face & Eye Mask – 94g / 3.03 oz. (Set includes 14 face masks and 14 eye masks)