Iron Bee Limited Edition Mini Suitcase

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Take the Iron Bee Collection whereever you roam with this convenient carrying case. In addition to the 3 Iron Bee skincare products, this set includes a large magnetic wand to be used in the removal of the Iron Bee Magnetic Mask. Discover amplified results when you consistently use this complete set.

This suitcase includes 3 products:

  • Iron Bee Transforming Cream – 30g / 1 oz.
  • Iron Bee Boosting Serum – 30ml / 1 fl. oz.
  • Iron Bee Magnetic Mask – 70g / 2.5 oz.


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1 review for Iron Bee Limited Edition Mini Suitcase

  1. Tabatha

    As much as it hurts my pocket to say it..
    Gosh darn it, these were the best 10000$ I have ever spent!!
    My cellulite is nearly gone after I started using this tourche thingy , and this orange set took the redness right oof my face.
    When are y’all comin’ back to Houston for another trade show? my girlfriend wants to buy the same set from Giovanni

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